I have a feeling this night is gonna turn bad. Ugh. People who I used to know that have started shit with me before have already shown up. This is going to be interesting. Haha

Oh, I wasn’t really trying to be mean, it’s just a lot of people already know how much I hate mirror selfies. Haha.

lol fuck off

Anonymous asked:
you sure are a piece of work hahaha

Yeah I know, I’m a fucking masterpiece.

Anonymous asked:
She doesn't even listen to Drake...


Anonymous asked:
Do you even listen to drake?


Last night I got to hang out with new friends. We went to a really cool skatepark and then went swimming in the dark at a beach. It was super fun. n_n

Anonymous asked:
Why don't you like cops? Like seriously explain it to me.


They dress like shit and murder people. 


You gotta leave bite marks on her booty cheeks so that she know who the booty belong to


Braveheart's Legacy, 2014 | by Kilian Schönberger
Anonymous asked:
come onnnnnnnnnnn whats there nameeeeeee ;P

I’m a traveler, I meet people no one else knows. And, I put enough personal information on here as it is, no one has to know anything else. :p