Wasted Universe
Alice. 19. Traveler.

It’s crazy how brave I’m actually being. It’s not that I’m scared of change, it’s just so overwhelming and surreal. Everything is about to be completely different. Every little thing I see or do everyday won’t be the same anymore. Here’s to moving on.


Anonymous asked: I love watching you fail at everything you do. It brings me so much joy.

You think you know me so well, and guess what? You’re wrong. I don’t believe in failure for myself. Failure equals negativity. Mistakes equal negativity. I don’t make mistakes. I don’t have regrets. I live my life the same way time works. I move forward, never back. Sure I get sad or upset sometimes, but having different emotions is normal. You have a lack of common sense. I’ve said this plenty of times: I’m not going to take anyone’s shit. I’m going to stand up for myself and you will not break me. My experiences make me a stronger person and there’s nothing you can say or do to make me lose faith in myself. Something you do have is a false sense of superiority over me, so it’s okay, I forgive you. I just highly recommend that you don’t continue spending your time like this. It can go by so quickly, you know, if you don’t do anything productive.


I’m still a complete fucked up mess from last night and I feel/look like shit.

My beautiful view of pure loneliness at it’s finest.

My beautiful view of pure loneliness at it’s finest.


This is honestly the most miserable walk to the graveyard at 1 in the morning. It’s cold, I’m crying, alone, and have substances in my system I told myself I didn’t want to do again.


I had one of those dreams that make you fall in love with someone.