Wasted Universe
Alice. 19. Traveler.

I hate it when people hide things from me. Never knowing what’s going on and always wondering. It leaves me in a pretty bad place and I can’t seem to get away from it.


Anonymous asked: Hey, I miss you. I know we've only known eachother for a few months but I wanted you to know. I'm really glad we were able to be such great friends. You always made me smile and your hugs were awesome. I have no idea if I'll ever see you again, we can talk online, but it won't be the same. You know who this is, Your little mall buddy cult member with the multicoloured hair. Love you Alice....I honestly was the last to know that you left, everyone else had to tell me. (If you told me, I forgot)

I miss you too, kiddo <3 Don’t worry, I will be back someday to visit. *hugs*